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  • What do I need NOXON-Connect for?

    With NOXON-Connect you can experience the next level of online music! NOXON-Connect combines free services like Soundcloud and premium services like simfy, all on your NOXON device! An appropriate account assumed, you gain immediate access to your favourite artists, tracks, playlists and concerts - comfortable on your NOXON device!

  • How can I reach NOXON-Connect?

    NOXON-Connect is not linked to a special system and can be used with any Smartphone, Tablet or PC. On this way you can reach the device control from anywhere you want.

  • Which services are available on NOXON-Connect?

    The following services are available on NOXON-Connect:
    • Mediencenter TelekomCloud
    • simfy
    • Soundcloud

  • Which devices can i register on NOXON-Connect?

    The registration on NOXON-Connect works with the new generation of NOXON radios. The following devices can not be registered on NOXON-Connect:
    • NOXON Audio
    • NOXON 2 Audio/Radio (+ for iPod)
    • NOXON iRadio (+ for iPod / + Swiss Edition)
    • NOXON iRadio Cube
    • NOXON 90elf

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