Help & FAQ


  • How do I add a device?

    Login to your NOXON-Connect account first and then click on 'devices'. Afterwards you can add your NOXON radio by clicking on 'add device'.

    To complete the assignment you will need the information from your NOXON device (MAC-address and Keycode). Those you can get from the 'myNoxon' menu directly on your NOXON device.

  • How can I add a service to my NOXON?

    First of all the NOXON has to be connected to your account. The 'devices' menu will show you all your linked NOXON devices.

    Using the button 'New +' you can then add existing services and subscriptions to your device.

  • What do I need to use simfy?

    You need a valid simfy premium account. Then you can link your account to your NOXON via NOXON-Connect to enjoy the full amount of music on your Radio.

  • Sometimes it is not possible to stream audio-files from the Mediencenter/ TelekomCloud?

    Please notice that your file suffix must be written in lower case, My-Audio-file.mp3 instead of My-Audio-file.mP3!

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